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White pipeline, green field
January 14, 2021

"Clean Water Action opposes Line 3 because of it threatens our communities, our health, our water, our climate, and violates treaty rights of Anishinaabe peoples and other nations in its path."

PA Capitol
January 12, 2021

Join us on Thursday, January 21st at 7 PM for a webinar that dives deep into the 2020 election results, looks at how the results shape our current legislative landscape and what it all could mean for environmental opportunities in 2021.

January 11, 2021

“The President is a danger to the nation. He must resign or be removed from office now, either through action under the 25th Amendment or through impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate."


January 6, 2021

Washington DC -- Today a violent mob smashed its way into the US Capitol.

Clean Water Action President and CEO, Bob Wendelgass, released the following statement:

"We’re heartbroken by the assault on our country and on our democracy. We hope that calm prevails soon and people in and around the Capitol remain safe.

January 1, 2021

“If we learned one thing from 2020, it’s that good public health is the foundation of a strong society. The passage of this bill will contribute to the well being of our most vulnerable as well as all Massachusetts residents."

by Haley Sanborn
January 1, 2021

Food waste is a persistent problem, with over 25% of the overall food supply at the retail and consumer level going uneaten and wasted. Disposing of our organic material in landfills and incinerators contributes to climate change. Whether landfilled or burned, the waste generates methane and carbon dioxide. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent in causing the climate to warm than carbon dioxide, and landfills contribute 17% of Maryland’s methane.

December 30, 2020

Last night the Massachusetts House and Senate passed a ban on toxic flame retardant chemicals sending it to the Governor’s desk just under the wire as the end of the two year legislative session approaches. 

December 21, 2020

“The Revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) is inadequate. The failure to require full lead service line replacement is the most glaring example of EPA’s failure to propose bold changes to reduce lead at the tap."

NJ_Kim Gaddy testimony LCR (2).jpg
December 21, 2020

The Murphy administration in New Jersey honored a wide array of environmental leaders with its 2020 Environmental Excellence Awards – from elementary school students who spearheaded an enormous battery recycling effort to the social and racial justice champions who advocated the nation’s most progressive environmental justice law signed by Governor Murphy this September.