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Clean Water Action California protects public health and the environment by stopping pollution at the source and cleaning up contaminated waterways. We help Californians take local action and work on policy at the state and federal levels.


2024 California Legislative Priorities

This year Clean Water Action is sponsoring four groundbreaking bills to restrict the continued use of super-toxic chemicals before they enter our water and bodies and ensure that all Californians have access to clean, affordable water.
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Tackling California's PFAS Problem

You may never have heard of PFAS, but they are a class of toxic chemicals that are everywhere. These manmade chemicals have traveled through the environment into the far reaches of the world, and they don’t break down and go away, which is why they are called “forever” chemicals.
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ReThink Disposable in California

Clean Water is taking-on single use products: from shopping bags, to food and beverage packaging, to plastic water bottles, our goal is to minimize the use of single use products.

Oil, Gas, and Fracking in California

Clean Water works to protect California's water, health and environment from dangerous oil and gas production activities, including fracking, acidizing, and toxic wastewater disposal.

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