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Clean Water Action has been in Minnesota since 1982, focusing on finding solutions to health, consumer, environmental and community problems,  developing strong, community-based environmental leadership, and working for policies that improve lives and protect water.

Factsheet: Minnesota 2023 PFAS Prevention Package

To protect current and future generations from harm Minnesota should take immediate action to stop the use of PFAS in a wide array of products. Clean Water Action and the Healthy Legacy Coalition are supporting the 2023 Minnesota PFAS Prevention Package which includes Information Disclosure, PFAS Non-Essential Use Ban, and Firefighting Foam Loophole Closure.
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Profiles in Prevention

Clean Water Action works to ensure access safe, affordable source of drinking water now, and for future generations. Too often that means fighting to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up their mess, but we know that ultimately, the best way to fight pollution is to prevent it at the source. The more pollution we prevent, the less we have to clean up.
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Safer Chemicals for Minnesota

Did you know the shampoo, cleaner, or laundry detergent you wash down the drain may be harming your health and the health of our water? Find out how these chemicals are making their way from our products into our bodies and water, discover simple steps you can take to protect your health from toxic chemicals, and see what we're doing to fight for safer chemicals.

Field to Fork

The long term goal of Clean Water Action Minnesota’s Sustainable Feed, Sustainable Food is to reshape this industrialized food system, in relation to livestock production, to implement policies that reflect sustainable practices in order to protect our natural resources including soil health, native landscapes, and clean water.

Combatting the Lead Problem in Minnesota

Clean Water Action Minnesota is working to advocate for funding and programs to improve lead remediation efforts at all levels. This includes education, advocacy, and community powerbuilding. We are committed to fighting for lead abatement and removal until the problem has been completely eliminated.

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