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Clean Water Action works in Texas on protecting drinking water, preventing waste and pollution at the source, clean energy and climate solutions, and for a healthy and sustainable future for all Texans.


Toward Sustainable Water Practices in Texas

Clean Water Action is working in local communities, and at the state level, on behalf of sustainable water policies that protect drinking water at its source, preserve wetlands and aquifer recharge zones, and conserve water for the future.

Clean Energy Future for Texas

Prioritizing clean energy solutions to create jobs, protect our water and climate, and reduce the effects of oil and gas pollution in Texas communities.

Don't Frack with Texas' Health & Water

Clean Water Action is working in partnership with other state and local organizations to bring stronger regulations to the hydraulic fracturing industry in Texas. No state has more hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operations under way than ours. Fracking is usually accompanied by horizontal drilling and is poorly regulated. Impacts on public health, the environment and property values can be dramatic.

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