Climate Change and Clean Energy

Climate change is impacting us. And it’s not good. Pollution from power plants and other sources is affecting our food, our air, and our water. It’s super-sizing things like hurricanes and droughts. If we don’t take action, it’s only going to get worse. 

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Profiles In Prevention -- Frogtown Park and Farm

Take one part ingenuity, one part perseverance, one part community engagement, one part neighborhood dedication, and mix generously over a period of multiple years. The result? Frogtown Park and Farm.

St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood has been working to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly neighborhood in the city. Frogtown Park and Farm is a large part of this effort. From sustainable urban farming initiatives to creating a gathering space for volunteers and community members, Frogtown Farm is working hard to change the conversation about food.

The effort to create Frogtown Park and Farm was led by four neighborhood residents: Soyini Guyton, Seitu Jones, Patricia Ohmans, and Anthony Schmitz beginning in 2010 in an effort to combat against the old, gritty reputation that Frogtown had along with the food desert that existed in the area. They currently have 5.5 acres of organic urban farming, growing over three tons of fresh produce in 2021, with a plan to grow.


Frogtown Farm crop rows

"It's truly a blessing anytime folks come together over food, and to share food.” Said Seitu at a recent community kitchen event where Frogtown Park and Farms taught 17 people how to make seven recipes using ingredients that were produced on-site.  

Frogtown Park and Farm’s goal: secure 13 acres of green space in Frogtown while making sure to have a sustainable and self-sufficient approach, creating regenerative systems that build up nutrients rather than degrading the soil. They were even awarded the Water Quality Farm Certification from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. But how can urban farming be sustainable?

Recent Actions

Demand a Cleaner and More Just Transportation System for CT

Send a letter to your legislators today in order to ensure this transportation program supports cleaner air, greater decision-making power, and high-quality jobs for those who need it most.

Fund Climate Justice & Good Jobs

The climate crisis clock is ticking. We can't allow a budget to be finalized that doesn't meet the gravity of this moment. Write a letter to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee members as well as to your own state legislators, and tell them that a 2022 budget that cuts clean energy dollars and underfunds mass transit is unacceptable! 

Allegheny County Deserves Clean Air!

Over this past Christmas, residents in the Mon Valley suffered from nearly a week of unhealthy air pollution levels – violating federal Clean Air Act standards. The main culprit was the U.S.

Support the popular Clean Energy Equity Act!

Email Speaker Craig Coughlin and your Assemblymembers now. Urge them to stand with the 76% of New Jerseyans who are ready for a clean energy economy. 

Climate Change and Clean Energy Blog Posts

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This new year, join us in creating eco-friendly resolutions to help combat the climate crisis, protect clean water, and help create more just, sustainable, and healthier communities for all.