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Clean Water Action works to ensure access safe, affordable source of drinking water now, and for future generations. Too often that means fighting to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up their mess, but we know that ultimately, the best way to fight pollution is to prevent it at the source. The more pollution we prevent, the less we have to clean up.

That is what is behind Profiles in Prevention. Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund are recognizing the people and organizations who have made choices that have prevented pollution from entering our environment.  Some actions are big, some are small, but all of them matter.

Learn more about the Minnesotans we're recognizing for their work to protect our water and health.

Learn more about Profiles in Prevention


Do you know a Minnesotan business, organization, or individual doing great work preventing pollution? Submit a nomination for a future Profile in Prevention below! 

Clean Water Action, in cooperation with Clean Water Fund, have reviewed publicly available information presented by the companies and individuals highlighted in the Profiles in Prevention. We have provided this information to the companies and individuals for review.  Being highlighted in Profiles in Prevention does not indicate any endorsement of the company or any of its products. Clean Water Action is not responsible for any misinformation that may be presented in the original source documents. For any questions, please email

This project has been funded by Minnesota’s Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, a constitutionally established fund used to protect and enhance Minnesota’s waters, habitats, parks, trails, and cultural heritage.

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