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PFAS chemicals are a class of chemicals most in need of immediate policy action due to their wide-spread use in products, prevalence in breast milk and people’s bodies, and persistence in the environment. Known as “forever chemicals” due to their inability to break down, PFAS also persists in the waste stream, contaminating our soil, air, and water.

States across the country, including Minnesota, have passed policies to curb the use of PFAS in select products. While this is a start, more needs to be done. To protect current and future generations from harm Minnesota should take immediate action to stop the use of PFAS in a wide array of products.

Clean Water Action and the Healthy Legacy Coalition are supporting the PFAS Prevention Package which includes:

  • Information Disclosure (SF420/HF372) Minnesota needs an accurate picture of where PFAS chemicals are being used and for what purpose. This bill would require manufacturers to disclose the amount of PFAS they’re using, in which products it’s being used, and  how it’s being used.
  • PFAS Non-Essential Use Ban (SF834/HF1000) We need to reduce exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals in our homes and in our environment. To do this, we are seeking a ban on PFAS in all products other than those essential for health, safety or the functioning of society and for which safer alternatives are not feasible and available at the time of assessment or in the foreseeable future.
  • Firefighting Foam Loophole Closure (SF776/HF742) In 2019, Minnesota banned the use of PFAS firefighting foam for testing or training purposes. However, there are still many ways these foams can be used in the state. This bill would ban all uses of PFAS in firefighting foams that are not currently required by federal law to reduce human exposure and water/soil contamination.

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