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Clean Water is engaging businesses, local governments, and individual consumers in minimizing the use of single use products by ReThinking Disposable, prioritizing responsible agriculture and food systems from the Field to the Fork, and moving towards a sustainable economic and environmental future.

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The Problem of Marine Plastic Pollution

Preventing the generation of disposable products as much as possible reduces the amount of money needed for controlling and managing trash and litter. Prevention is both cost-effective and better for the environment.

ReThink Disposable Blog Series Part I: Zero Waste at Home & In Your Community

Our ReThink Disposable Blog Series focuses on how we can prevent waste before it starts to tackle the twin threats to our waters of plastic pollution and climate change.

ReThink Disposable: Stop Waste Before It Starts

Here in New Jersey, we love our local restaurants and shops. Let’s take a minute and appreciate them just a little more because they are helping Clean Water Action take on a huge environmental issue: single-use disposables.