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PFAS chemicals are a class of chemicals most in need of immediate policy action due to their wide-spread use in products, prevalence in breast milk and people’s bodies, and persistence in the environment. Known as “forever chemicals” due to their inability to break down, PFAS also persists in the waste stream, contaminating our soil, air, and water.

We need to stop PFAS pollution at the source.

Clean Water Action's 2023 PFAS prevention priorities for this legislative session include bills that would:

  • Require companies to disclose how they are using PFAS chemicals
  • Ban unnecessary and dangerous PFAS use in everyday products
  • Expand the prohibition on PFAS in firefighting foam

By passing this legislation we can reduce exposure in our homes while also preventing these toxic chemicals from ending up in our soil, air and water.

Clean Water Action is talking to lawmakers in Saint Paul now but we need your support to make sure these bills are prioritized. Join us and ask your Minnesota State Senator and Representative to support this common sense legislation - together we can win strong protections for Minnesota waters, environment, and communities.  Write to your lawmakers today. ↓

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Factsheet: Minnesota 2023 PFAS Prevention Package

To protect current and future generations from harm Minnesota should take immediate action to stop the use of PFAS in a wide array of products. Clean Water Action and the Healthy Legacy Coalition are supporting the 2023 Minnesota PFAS Prevention Package which includes Information Disclosure, PFAS Non-Essential Use Ban, and Firefighting Foam Loophole Closure.

"Through no fault of my own, I was exposed to these toxic chemicals. And as a result, I will die with this cancer."

"We must come together to demand change and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. I urge all of you to take a stand against these toxic chemicals and demand change. Together we can make a difference and protect ourselves and future generations from the devastating effects of PFAS."

"Nobody deserves to go through what I did. We all deserve clean water and good health."

"It is unacceptable to allow these forever chemicals to destroy not only our city, but our environment and our planet as well. If PFAS chemicals are even remotely to blame for my illness then I fear for the other people, families, and children living in the areas where they are at risk of exposure."