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It’s back, just like a bad dream. The highly controversial South Jersey Natural Gas application for a 23-mile, mile gas pipeline through the protected Pinelands forest preserve in New Jersey is back on the burner

It was rejected by the all-volunteer New Jersey Pinelands Commission in 2014. Since then, it’s been non-stop back-room deals, political shenanigans, and utter disrespect for the public.

We need your help once again to defend this World Unesco site. The New Jersey Pinelands is home to such diverse and unique plant and animal species, it has been classified as a World Biosphere by the United Nations. Seventeen trillion gallons of pristine, drinking-water flows beneath the Pinelands through the Kirkwood-Cohansey acquifer. The pipeline would endanger the water supply for South Jersey and increase the state’s dependence on dirty fossil fuel.

The NJ Pinelands Commission will take public comment until January 23, 2017. They are also holding a special meeting for the public to comment on whether the South Jersey Gas pipeline project complies with the rules that protect the Pinelands. The meeting will be held Tuesday, January 24th from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm at St. Ann's Church, 22 Trenton Road, Browns Mills, NJ 08015. Please join us at the hearing.

We need as many voices as possible urging the Pinelands Commission to reject the South Jersey Gas pipeline. Commenting whether in person and/or in writing and as individualized and personalized as possible will make a huge difference. Click here to learn how you can help stop this bad proposal. 

Thank you for making your voice heard. Together, we can stop the South Jersey pipeline and protect the Pinelands!