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A better stormwater system for Pittsburgh

Stormwater runoff impairs waterways as well as causes street flooding and basement backups. Recently, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority released their draft “Strategic Plan for Stormwater” to the public.

Thanks to your pressure the public comment period has been extended to June 30th. Take


Michigan World Water Day: Evening Program/Hybrid Event

March 22, 2023 | Virtual

Without access to clean water we cannot survive, let alone thrive. The United Nations has agreed that Water is a basic Human Right. They have enshrined it most recently (2015) making it Goal #6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This program hosted by the Greater Lansing Area United Nations


Examining Section 401 of the Clean Water Act

Clean Water Action is celebrating our 50th birthday this year and the anniversary of the Clean Water Act which our founder, the late David Zwick, helped to craft and pass in 1972. For 50 years, the Clean Water Act – our nation’s bedrock environmental law – has helped prevent water pollution and


Earth Day Priorities: 3 actions you can take right now to make a difference

This Earth Day, take a moment to make your voice heard! Earth Day can be overwhelming. There is no shortage of troubling information about increasing climate change, and what that means for our communities and our health. Sometimes it seems like the fate of the environment that sustains us depends


Say No to a New M-83 Highway

M83 is an outdated solution to our traffic and development problems, yet it is still a part of Montgomery County's Master Plan of Highways and Transitways.