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Saving Allegheny County Parks from Fracking

Regardless of where you live, you no doubt feel the same way I do: our parks are a treasure and an invaluable resource . No one who hikes, bikes, walks, bird watches, plays in, or otherwise uses a community park wants to see them degraded by fracking or other industrial uses. In fact, the very


Youth Team Takes on the Challenge of Fracking Waste

“If you ever think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!” — Wendy Lesko

Meet the First Lego League team 18249, The Puggles! They are a small but mighty team working together to come up with solutions to stop hydraulic fracturing (fracking) waste from harming


One month left! Are your legislators supporting clean water?

This has been an action-packed month and a half in Annapolis. Crossover is now looming, when all bills have to clear one of the sides of our General Assembly and move over to the other body. Here is the status of our legislative priorities :

A Septic Solution (SB266/HB281): Nitrogen from human


We Lost Pinelands, But We Will Get Them Back

We lost the Pinelands.

Just like that; the Pinelands Commission in lockstep with Executive Director Nancy Wittenberg, struck down 40-years of carefully crafted protections last month that would keep industry out of the fragile forest preserve.

One wonders if those who voted in favor of the 22-mile


Protect Maryland from fracking

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking has become quite the hot button issue, not just in the entire country, but also especially in Maryland. This invasive and dangerous method for obtaining natural gas could soon find its way to the state. In 2015 the Maryland General Assembly passed a two-year