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Wins for Clean Water Across the Country

With your support, Clean Water Action is making a big impact for our water, health and communities across the country! Check out this roundup of the latest and greatest accomplishments. To support our programs, make a special contribution here . By speaking out together, our voices are heard!


Talking Lead Service Lines in Malden, Massachusetts

Lead exposure is a problem that America has been facing for decades. The EPA estimates that lead in drinking water can account for 20% of a person's exposure to lead ( Lead and Drinking Water ). Currently, there are lead service lines in up to ten million homes across the country. Replacing them


Packaged in Pollution - I’m not lovin’ it!

On August 6 th , we co-released a report in conjunction with the Mind the Store campaign titled “ Packaged in Pollution .” The report found that PFAS chemicals are used in food packaging and food service ware to repel grease and liquids so food wrappers for burgers, fries, sandwiches and molded fiber plates and bowls are likely culprits.


Hidden Dangers: Steps for a Healthy, Toxic-Free Lawn

Mounting evidence shows that pesticide contamination has harmful effects in humans, pets, wildlife, birds, bees, and other beneficial insects. This summer, avoid pesticide use on lawns. Pesticides are not needed for a healthy, attractive lawn. Instead, take an organic approach to lawn care and accept that variety in a lawn is good.


PFAS, the “forever chemicals” made simple

In our work at Clean Water Action we throw around a lot of statistics and chemical names which, if you’re not used to hearing them, all sound pretty much like “ethyl-methyl-bad-stuff.” Sometimes that’s really all you need to know: “there’s something bad there – stay away.”

But one group of