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Did you know that there are approximately 80,000 chemicals in commercial use, but that in the U.S. little toxicity information is required to bring a chemical or product containing chemicals to market? In fact, regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency can only act to ban or limit a chemical's use after a severe health or environmental problem manifests itself.

As a result, our household cleaners, garden chemicals and pesticides, personal care products, computers, clothes, food, and even our beds may contain chemicals about which we have little safety information. While not all chemicals are harmful and many provide important benefits, there is a growing body of evidence linking chemical exposures over time to health impacts such as cancer, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, and respiratory disease.

California needs a comprehensive strategy that 1) reduces the use of PFAS chemicals in products and industrial processes and 2) develops the technology to address the chemicals already in our environment. Fortunately, as an innovator state, we are in a unique position to take this on. That is why Clean Water Action has launched a PFAS campaign aimed at educating decision makers and the public about the impacts of these chemicals and calling for action on products, water monitoring and treatment, and the leaching of PFAS into our air, soil, or water.

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