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PFAS prevention legislation, including a ban on non-essential consumer products, has passed the Minnesota Legislature as part of the Environmental Omnibus Bill. It has been named "Amara's Law" after Amara Strande, a tenacious advocate who testified repeatedly in favor of the bills.

The bill now heads to Governor Walz for signing.

Official Statement from Michael Strande, Father of Amara Strande

Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota has just become the world leader in legislation to protect its people from PFAS “forever chemicals.” Amara testified not because of her own situation, but because she believed she could be a voice for her community. Amara was an advocate for those who were sick and suffering with a disease or illness brought about from these dangerous chemicals.

Dana, Nora, and I are grateful for the legislators who made the bold choice to pass "Amara’s Law." With Amara’s Law, Amara’s voice will resonate throughout the communities on the east side of the metro area and will protect the people of Minnesota for generations to come.


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