Oil, Gas, and Fracking in California

Protecting California's water, health and environment from dangerous oil and gas production activities, including fracking, acidizing, and toxic wastewater disposal.

California Assembly caves to corporate polluters: Oil and Gas interests take priority over safe drinking water

Despite  a  crippling  drought  and  a  massive  failure  by  the  State  to  protect  groundwater  from  oil  and  gas  injection  wells,  Assembly  Bill  356  (Das  Williams)  failed  to  pass  its  floor  vote.

Independent scientific study: California is failing to protect health and the environment from fracking and other oil production

Clean Water Action released the following statement in response to the California Council on Science and Technology's (CCST) "An Independent Scientific Assessment of Well Stimulation in California."

California Issues Emergency Regulations on Oil and Gas Injection Aquifer Exemptions - Clean Water Action Responds

The oilDepartment of Conservation (DOC) and Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) issued draft emergency regulations on aquifer exemptions under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Cover - Californians at Risk

Californians At Risk: An Analysis of Health Threats from Oil and Gas Pollution in Two Communities

To  understand the impacts of oil and gas development on California communities Clean Water Action and our allies at Earthworks studied health and air contaminants in two communities in the heart of oil country - Lost Hills in Kern County, and Upper Ojai in Ventura County.

From We All Live Downstream

Race Track Hill site
November 17, 2017

On Thursday, news broke of a spill from the Keystone pipeline. The 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) of toxic tar sands oil that was discharged into South Dakota grasslands was the largest spill on the Keystone to date. But every day, the oil industry intentionally discharges far greater volumes of toxic wastewater in the environment, and nobody seems to notice.

Screenshot of methane leak in Butler County via Earthworks
March 24, 2017

Yesterday, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the strongest regulations in the country to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas production and storage.

Clean Water Action and our allies led the charge to get these regulations in place.

August 31, 2016

California’s water regulators are finally cracking down on the harmful practice of dumping toxic oil wastewater into open pits, although slowly.