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Hello everyone, my name is Lauren Cardenas, and I’m an intern here at Clean Water Action. I’m currently a senior studying environmental science and environmental policy at Boston University, where I’m thankful that my classes introduced me to the Clean Water Action team. Here, my passion for protecting the planet is able to take form through the many different projects being worked on, and I’m excited to join a team where I can make a difference.

There is a sense of urgency within my generation to act now and make changes where we can. We make personal choices such as using reusable water bottles, wearing sustainable brand clothing, and choosing to spend just a little more on eco-friendly products. We also see the bigger picture. The environmental issues that have been compounding over the past generations are culminating into our present, and it’s crucial now more than ever to make sure that our voices are being heard in every space we can reach. 

Everyone deserves access to clean air and water, yet there are many places where this is not the case due to environmental injustices. For example, many communities are being exposed to toxic PFAS, a harmful class of chemicals that contaminates our products and pollutes our waterways. The continued use of PFAS despite their known negative effects on our health keeps us from accessing clean drinking water, something that should be an inherent right.

Clean Water Action is working on a set of bills that aims to ban these harmful chemicals from common products to protect our water as well as set up a fund to assist communities that have already been affected by PFAS pollution. The science is clear on PFAS. We know they are dangerous, and we deserve protection from them.

Pollution impacts everyone, and there is no better time to band together to protect clean air and water than now. You can help create a healthier future by taking action: let your legislators know you want them to take on PFAS pollution, or visit our page to support any number of our initiatives. By getting involved today, we can change the future for my generation and future generations.

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