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DPR - Keep Californians Informed!

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has proposed a new regulation to provide advance notification to all Californians of some of the most hazardous pesticides used in agriculture. Tell DPR not to waste this historic opportunity! We want the exact location of pesticide applications in California, and a commitment to listen to impacted residents and to make real changes if the regulation is not working.

To Fight Cancer, Fight Toxics

Clean Water Action, alongside our friends and allies like Safer States, are pushing for a world where we don’t unleash untested chemicals on the public only to struggle to rein them in when they cause harm.

Support the Massachusetts Toxic Free Kids Act!

Toxic chemicals shouldn’t be in things children use every day. But there is a solution! An Act for Toxic Free Kids will require businesses that make or sell children’s products in Massachusetts to disclose toxic chemicals added to those products. Take action today!