Clean Water Action Statement Calling for Millionaires Tax

NJ millionaires rally - david pringle.jpeg

Trenton, NJ - Clean Water Action's NJ Campaign State Director, Eric Benson, joining others at the State House Rally in support of the the millionaires tax and tax fairness:

"You can't have a strong and healthy New Jersey economy without lifting everyone up, addressing climate change, preventing environmental health harms no matter which zip code you live in, and making sure that dedicated funds that benefit all of society (be they for renewable energy or affordable housing) are no longer raided to balance the state budget because millionaires have gotten a pass when it comes to contributing to the greater good.

The poor and vulnerable have suffered needlessly for too long. The State's needs are great. On the environment alone, clean energy, lead abatement programs, NJ Transit, and DEP are all underfunded. Now is the time for leadership in the NJ legislature to lead. We do not need any more short-term budget gimmicks. We need a permanent millionaire’s tax that Governor Murphy can sign into law.

Clean Water Action urges the Legislature and Administration to put politics aside. It's time for folks to rise up, move on, and work together to ensure a better future for all."

Eric Benson