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Clean Water Action and the Healthy Legacy Coalition congratulate the Pollution Control Agency and the Departments of Health, Agriculture, and Natural Resources on finalizing the new comprehensive report “Minnesota’s PFAS Blueprint”.  Unfortunately, because of the long history of PFAS contamination in Minnesota and across the country, there is more than adequate scientific proof that these chemicals are harmful to our environment and our health and need to be addressed. The chemical properties of PFAS---extreme persistence, mobility, and toxicity---have created serious challenges that cannot be ignored, and we hope that this document serves as a call to action for state legislators, business leaders, and citizens.

“The Blueprint shines a spotlight on the many ways we will have to come together as a state to address these ‘forever chemicals’”, says Deanna White, State Director of Clean Water Action and Director of the Healthy Legacy Coalition.  “Though the scope of the issue and its challenges can be daunting, the Blueprint identifies some of the ways we can start down the right path in Minnesota.”

Clean Water Action and Healthy Legacy have high hopes that one of the action items identified in the Blueprint could be accomplished during this year’s legislative session.  HF 79 / SF 70 would prohibit the distribution, sale, or manufacture of food packaging containing PFAS chemicals.  In addition to concerns that PFAS may migrate from food packaging into the food we eat, these chemicals can wreak havoc in our waste stream when PFAS-containing packaging is discarded.  Compost facilities, landfill operators, and wastewater plants have all reported increased costs of operations and difficulties removing PFAS.   
“Now is the time for Minnesota to step up and be a leader both by turning off the tap on PFAS and by developing strategies to address the contamination that communities already face,” said White, “and we are excited to be part of that effort.”


Clean Water Action works at the national, state and local level to develop strong, community-based environmental leadership and bring together diverse constituencies to work cooperatively for policies that improve lives and protect water. Clean Water Action has been in Minnesota since 1982, focused on finding solutions to health, consumer, environmental and community problems and working to protect our water and our people. Learn more at

The Healthy Legacy coalition focuses on phasing out toxic chemicals that persist and build up in our bodies and environment. Clean Water Action and the 35 members of the coalition support protective state and federal policies which require chemicals to be assessed for safety so that public health and the environment are protected. The Healthy Legacy coalition encourages businesses to develop and use safe substitutes for toxic chemicals and educates and empowers people to protect themselves and their families by supporting healthy businesses and practices. Learn more at


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