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Clean Water Action Leads Efforts to Pass Landmark PFAS Legislation

(Hartford, CT) Clean Water Action was thrilled that the Connecticut General Assembly passed a landmark bill to restrict PFAS, per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in firefighting foam and food packaging.  The bill passed unanimously in both chambers and goes a long way to protect the health of CT residents and the environment.  

Anne Hulick, Connecticut Director, stated “This is a huge win for Connecticut residents.  This class of chemicals are linked to certain cancers, liver damage, reproductive harm, ulcerative colitis and immunosuppression.  Because of their unique fluorine-carbon bond, they are known as forever chemicals—meaning they don’t break down in the environment, even during incineration.  We were thrilled to work collaboratively with legislators, firefighting professionals and Agency staff to lead the way to passage.” 

The bill was signed by the Governor and many components are already being implemented, including a take-back program for firefighting foam, approval of an effective fluorine free foam replacement.  The ban on PFAS in food packaging takes effect December 2023.  

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Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table.

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