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We did it! Our top priority bill—to ban PFAS in food packaging, firefighting foam, require the state to implement a take-back program and shift to a safe, fluorine-free foam was signed into law!

Connecticut director Anne Hulick joined Governor Lamont, leaders from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Department of Public Health, Department of Emergency Services, allies, the Mayor of Windsor and many residents in a momentous bill-signing ceremony along the Farmington River in Windsor, CT—the site of the tragic spill of firefighting foam in 2019

Connecticut is now a national leader in taking action to restrict major sources of toxic PFAS chemicals from further harming public health and our environment. PFAS chemicals are known as forever chemicals because they don’t break down in the environment and once there, they travel getting into water sources, groundwater, plants and animals. They are linked to testicular and kidney cancer, liver damage, thyroid disruption, reproductive disorders and impaired immune function.

It was such a thrill to stand with the Governor, his team and our allies and watch the actual bill signing. Our field and phone canvass teams also did an amazing job educating residents, calling on our members to contact legislators. This was an incredible team effort - thank you to everyone who took action!

Next steps include working on federal PFAS policies and meeting with legislators and agency officials in Connecticut to determine next steps. We are also building on this incredible win for our water by launching a summer fundraiser to tackle water and plastic pollution in Connecticut. We have a summer goal to raise $15,000 towards our clean water and plastic pollution programs. Learn more and donate here.