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Healthy Legacy is a program of Clean Water Action & Clean Water Fund's Minnesota office and is designed to lead the way to a toxic-free Minnesota through community organizing, coalition building, and policy change.

Healthy Legacy was created because across Minnesota people are involuntarily exposed to toxic chemicals in our drinking water, the air we breathe, the soil we grow food in, and in everyday household products. Not only can it be dangerous to come into direct contact with these chemicals, but once disposed of both landfilling and incineration disperse toxic chemicals back into our environment - including sources that supply our drinking water.

Healthy Legacy seeks to:

  • End the use of toxic chemicals in products such as children’s toys, carpets, cosmetics, ski wax, cookware, outerwear, textiles, and more through advocacy at the Capitol and by educating the community.
  • Engage historically marginalized communities who have typically carried the heaviest burden from pollution and water quality.
  • Support businesses of all sizes in making responsible decisions to move their supply chain away from dangerous ingredients and components to more sustainable, healthy, future focused products, components, and packaging.
  • Educate residents about how they can influence the policies and decisions made at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Support businesses as they promote toxic-free choices for consumers.

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Clean Water co-founded the Healthy Legacy Minnesota public health coalition in response to the growing body of scientific evidence linking rising rates of disease and exposure to toxic chemicals in our consumer products and environment. The Toxic Substances Control Act and the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act are the federal laws responsible for the safety of our consumer products. Both laws allow chemicals that cause cancer, reproductive problems and other health effects to be used in our plastics, electronics and cosmetics. In fact, of the over 80,000 chemicals on the market, only 2% have been evaluated for safety.

Through education, outreach, and action in our communities and state, Healthy Legacy is creating a healthier future for Minnesotans and influencing nationwide policy for the better.

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