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Campaign season is underway, and Michigan will be one of the most hotly contested states. Political candidates across our state will be campaigning, and we have an excellent opportunity to show that shutting down Line 5 matters to voters.

President Biden has the executive authority to shut down the pipeline and will visit our state this year, along with other federal-level politicians in Congress. What would you say if you had the opportunity to talk to one of them face-to-face about Line 5? If you want to feel more prepared, this meeting is for you!

Join us for a virtual training where we'll be focused on thinking about and workshopping our stories about why shutting down Line 5 matters to us. This workshop will help us all to be better prepared to communicate with politicians, friends, family, and the public about why we need to shut down America's most dangerous pipeline. Regardless of your experience on the issue, this will be an event you can learn something new at! 

The event is focused on Congressional District 7, Greater Lansing and parts of mid-Michigan but open to all (future events will focus on different areas across the state).



Unable to attend on this date? Contact Nichole Keway Biber about future event and volunteer opportunities to Shut Down Line 5!