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Michigan World Water Day: Evening Program/Hybrid Event

March 22, 2023 | Virtual

Without access to clean water we cannot survive, let alone thrive. The United Nations has agreed that Water is a basic Human Right. They have enshrined it most recently (2015) making it Goal #6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This program hosted by the Greater Lansing Area United Nations


Workers Rights and our shared environment

Protecting and strengthening the right of workers to organize is not something usually seen as a priority of environmentalists and environmental organizations, but it ought to be. Not only are these movements inextricably linked, but we are more powerful and are more able to create meaningful change for all working people when we stand together.

Advocating for Energy Democracy and a Clean Energy Future in Michigan

Energy Democracy is a concept that seeks to give communities, especially low-income and marginalized communities, greater control over their energy systems and decisions. It aims to promote equity, sustainability, and democratic decision-making in the energy sector, by ensuring that communities have a voice in the development and use of energy resources.