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Democracy and Environment at stake in the Michigan Attorney General race

When Dana Nessel was sworn in as Michigan’s Attorney General in January of 2019, an era of overdue reform and renewed advocacy for the people of Michigan began. For years before, the Attorney General’s office had largely served to protect corporate interests at the expense of Michigan residents and the natural resources on which we all rely.

Line 5 Decommissioning: Next Steps

Governor Whitmer and the Department of Natural Resources revoked and terminated the 1953 easement allowing Line 5 to operate in the Straits of Mackinac. This was a huge victory that Clean Water Action and our allies have been demanding and working towards for years. We are celebrating, but the fight to decommission Line 5 continues.

We need action on Line 5, not political grandstanding

Promoting toothless bills is nothing more than an effort to trick constituents into thinking their elected representatives are looking out for them -- rather than Enbridge and the other corporations that have bought their loyalty and votes.