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Testimony on HB352: 2 Crew Members on Freight Trains

Train derailments are not uncommon in Maryland, and many of our rail lines parallel rivers or run through communities. HB 492 will help create safer working conditions for rail workers, improve the safety of communities living near rail lines, and protect the environment by limiting the likelihood of a derailment and subsequent explosion or spill.
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We Need Congress to Pass a "Clean" Debt Limit

Clean Water Action has joined The American Federation of Teachers and 140 other organizations in calling on Congress to pass a clean bill that carries out the routine task of raising the debt limit to cover federal spending to which it has already committed. The consequences of not doing so put

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Black History Month Champion: Ashley Richardson

"I am a strong advocate for people, whether through the Human Resources lens or through the JEDI lens, having an ability to foster an educational and safe environment for all is what motivates me. I can create impact and form it; I am so grateful. Utilizing my expertise and skills, I bring structure and systems to even further highlight the great work that we do as an organization. My biggest accomplishment is creating and structuring anti-racism training for the organization and provide development opportunities to staff!"
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Clean Water Waves | In The News, January 2023

Our work to protect clean water across the country often makes the news. Clean Water Waves highlights recent articles featuring our staff speaking on their areas of activism and expertise. In This Issue: PFAS in MN, Polluter Pay for MI, Recycling in PA, and a Bottle Bill for RI.
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