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Zero Emissions Warehouse Organizer

Tolani Taylor is the Zero Emissions Warehouse Organizer for Clean Water Action in New Jersey. She graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2021 with a Bachelors in Environmental Science. As the Warehouse Organizer, Tolani's focus is on conducting campaigns pertaining to stopping warehouse projects throughout New Jersey through policy, mobilizing community members, and outreach programs. She also has background in business management, social media blogging, journalism, research, event planning and environmental justice. Tolani grew up in Willingboro, NJ and enjoys traveling, spending time with her family/friends and cooking.

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Using the Power of the Election Season to Stop NJ Warehouses

Clean Water Action's virtual training: "Use the Power of the Election Season to Fight NJ Warehouses” presented by Zero Emissions & Warehouse Organizer, Tolani Taylor, Thursday, September 28,2023

Fighting New Warehouses in NJ: FAQ Fact Sheet

Eastern Environmental Law Center produced this FAQ in coordination with Clean Water Action to help community members understand some of the legal requirements for proposed warehouses in New Jersey. Building your understanding of the process will help you to identify opportunities to raise objections at the right time and place.

Fighting for a Better Freight and Goods Movement System in NJ: Fact Sheet

Warehouses have a significant negative impact on air quality, particularly in low-income and communities of color where goods movement is concentrated. Together we can ensure that the freight and goods movement in NJ is as sustainable and efficient as possible - without compromising the environment and the health of NJ communities and workers.