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39 Years of Protecting Our Waters

Let's get it "over the hill"39 - will it get to 40?

By Lynn Thorp, National Programs Coordinator Today is the 39 th anniversary of the landmark Clean Water Act. Since Clean Water Action was founded as the idea became law, it’s a meaningful date for us. The idea then was that the long struggle to
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Let's Not Frack Up Our Air

By Myron Arnowitt, Pennsylvania State Director

"Flaring" a fracked well

The EPA’s strong proposal to restrict air emissions from oil and gas extraction operations is a good start. EPA regulations of these large pollution sources are urgently needed in cities like Pittsburgh and in many other
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Let's Jump Off this Runaway TRAIN

Let's Stop this TRAIN Wreck

By Dan Endreson, Minnesota Program Coordinator This summer was rough for the environment. The 112 th U.S. House of Representatives has been one the most anti-environment Congress’ in history by passing legislation that will severely impact water and air quality for
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These Floods are Man-Made!

Where's the funding for Flood Control Projects?

By Colleen Meehan, Philadelphia Program Organizer Last week was Hurricane Irene, this week it’s Tropical Storm Lee. What does that mean for Pennsylvania and other Mid-Atlantic states? It means we have massive flooding. Pennsylvania is a state of rivers
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