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Case Studies from our ReThink Disposable Team.

Publications by ReThink Disposable Case Studies

ReThink Disposable Case Study | House of Dim Sum (English & Chinese)

With support from ReThink Disposable, the House of Dim Sum restaurant eliminated 2.2 million disposable items from their yearly supply costs - an upfront investment of just $429 that will save $33,561 per year.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | Ballast Coffee

San Fransisco café owner Paolo Araneta, every bit as bold as the Barako coffee he serves, deployed a new reusable jar system for Ballast’s daily grab-and-go treats and eliminated single-use disposable containers.

ReThink Disposable Case Study & Video | San Carlos Youth Center

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Carlos Youth Center made a commitment to ditch all single-use disposables. With assistance from ReThink Disposable, The Youth Center gets ready to reopen their after school cooking class with safe and sanitary reusable foodware!

ReThink Disposable Case Study | Manila Eatery

Manila Eatery is successfully implementing these ReThink Disposable cost saving practices: Switched from single-use plastic plates to reusable plates, and replaced two different sizes of single-use plastic bowls with reusable bowls.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | Palo Alto Unified School District

Palo Alto Unified successfully transitions single-use foodware to reusable in 12 elementary schools using a central kitchen distribution model earning an annual net savings of $25,000.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | Hang Ten Boiler

Alameda, CA based Hang Ten Boiler hosts many dine in and to go customers, all hungry for their Hawaiian, Asian fusion, and Cajun style seafood dishes. After making the switch to all reusable in-house dining foodware - accounting for the costs of hiring a new dishwasher and water - Hang Ten saved $3,988 each year.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa in Culver City, CA replaced disposable cups, utensils, and stirrers and advertised a "Bring Your Own Cup" incentive. The result was no impact to labor costs, only positive feedback from customers, and $6,899 saved in annual net cost savings.

ReThink Disposable Case Study & Video (English & Spanish) | Shish Grill

"First of all, your dishes are going to look a lot better, more presentable and more on the upscale side. And you’re going to save a lot of money. No one hates to do that. You work hard for your money, so saving will go a long way. Third of all, I mean, you’re going green, help the environment as well." - Nancy Annan, Owner

ReThink Disposable Case Study | University of San Francisco Market Cafe

Bon Appétit Management Company plans to implement the ReThink Disposable program campus-wide at USF, after a successful pilot program saved more than $150,000 in disposable foodware costs by eliminating more than two million items with no additional labor cost.

ReThink Disposable Participating Business Testimonials

Highlights from food establishments that have received ReThink Disposable assistance.

ReThink Disposable Case Study | Cybelle's Pizza

The owner of Cybelle’s Pizza on Bush Street has been historically challenged to implement reusable food service ware in his fast paced restaurant. 50% of his business caters to delivery and customers grabbing a quick slice to go. Even faced with these challenges, the results of this program showed a significant drop in disposables.

ReThink Disposable Case Study & Video | Lola's Chicken Shack

The owners of Lola's Chicken Shack were able to significantly minimize disposable foodware for their high schooler lunch clientele by replacing large to-go boxes with a smaller food tray, eliminating disposable lids, and educational signage. These simple changes save $1,458 and 573 lbs of waste annually!

ReConsidera Desechable Estudio De Caso | Restaurante El Metate

Francisco Hernández, propietario: “De cualquier manera que lo mire uno, el programa ReConsidera Desechable es beneficioso para todos.”

ReThink Disposable Case Study & Video | Bishop O’Dowd High School

“I think it has been a success and will go a long way towards reducing landfill waste and show alternatives to disposables not only to the adults but as well as the kids who go to school here.” - Chef Todd Morales

ReThink Disposable Case Study | El Metate Restaurant (English & Spanish)

Fernando, the owner of El Metate, worried about potential loss of easy to throw away items. After making the switch to reusable cutlery and portion cups with bus tubs and racks helping to reduce product loss, the elevated experience resulted in more dine-in customers and an annual cost savings of nearly $9,000.