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Shish Grill is located in San Ramon, California and is owned by Nancy Annan. Shish Grill is a casual Mediterranean / Lebanese restaurant that serves amazing falafel, hummus, chicken shawarma wraps, kabobs and gyros. Much of their business is made up of business people who are seeking out a good
lunch. They also have a strong catering presence in the area.

Packaging practices prior to ReThink Disposable:

  • Dine-in customers served on a mix of reusable and disposable foodware like a reusable plate with reusable utensils, but disposable side sauce cups for items like hummus
  • Disposable Styrofoam cups offered for water and soda with lids and straws at a self-serve station
  • Bulk condiments available at each table
  • To-go orders placed in Styrofoam or plastic clamshells and bags with items like disposable utensils at a self-serve station
  • Customers bussed their own tables and placed the reusable items in a bus tub above the garbage can

Recommendations implemented:

  • Replaced Styrofoam cups and plastic lids with reusable cups for water and soda
  • Reusable sauce cups used in place of disposable ones
  • Made wrapped straws and disposable to-go items by request only
  • Signs were installed to remind customers to not throw away the sauce cups and utensils

The Bottom Line:

73,559 disposable items reduced per year              
$974 in annual savings
350 pounds of waste reduced annually

First of all, your dishes are going to look a lot better, more presentable and more on the upscale side. And you’re going to save a lot of money. No one hates to do that. You work hard for your money, so saving will go a long way. Third of all, I mean, you’re going green, help the environment as well.

Nancy Annan, Owner

Restaurant Testimonial (English)

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Restaurante Testimonial (Subtitulos en Español)

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