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Alameda, CA based Hang Ten Boiler hosts many dine in and to go customers, all hungry for their Hawaiian, Asian fusion, and Cajun style seafood dishes.

After making the switch to all reusable in-house dining foodware, Hang Ten decided to hire a dishwasher, but still found that when accounting for their labor and water costs the restaurant saved $3,988 each year.

Packaging practices prior to ReThink Disposable:

  • All menu items were served in a variety of single-use disposable plastic and fiber containers, sometimes multiple items per order for main dishes, side dishes, sauces and “grease basket” items
  • Only single-use disposable plastic utensils, beverage cups (even for wine), and sauce cups were provided for customers
  • Bulk condiments were available and one reusable foodware item was used on-site, a woven wood bowl for crab and shrimp

Recommendations implemented:

  • Reusable cups replace disposable plastic cups that had a lid and a straw
  • Reusable plates and bowls are used in place of a handful of disposable items like food boats and to-go containers
  • Silverware is used in place of plastic utensils on site
  • Single-use straws available only upon request

The Bottom Line:

Full transition from disposable foodware packaging to reusables for onsite diners
One new job created
318,271 pieces of disposable packaging reduced per year
$3,988 in annual net savings (reflects the setup cost of $2,066 and the ongoing cost of $11,956)
7,551 pounds of waste eliminated annually

The changes took some time getting used to. Now staff are adjusting nicely. We  overcame the impact on labor with education, training, and managing.

Mai Wong, Owner


ReThink Disposable in Alameda

Disposable products are an environmental threat at every stage of their life cycle. Clean Water Fund's ReThink Disposable program partnered with the City of Alameda to create a model for “unpackaging a city.”

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