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The chemical industry discovered that they could make billions by ensuring that PFAS were used in everything from non-stick cookware, to dental floss, to firefighting foam.  The problem is they passed on the health risks, environmental contamination, and costs of cleanup to us.  Take a stand today by helping us pass SB 903, which will ban all unnecessary uses of PFAS. Contact your state senator today!

PFAS are a class of 14,000 man-made “forever” chemicals that do not break down in the environment, spread rapidly in our water and air, and contaminating our soil and food sources. Even at very low levels, they are associated with cancers, developmental harm, liver damage, thyroid problems, impaired immunity, and reduced vaccine efficacy.  

Despite their environmental persistence and toxicity to humans, PFAS are ubiquitous in both industrial and consumer products.  Now virtually all of us have these toxic chemicals in our bodies. These "Forever Chemicals" are contaminating the drinking water sources of 25 million Californians, they pollute our surface waters and wildlife, and the costs of treatment and cleanup are going to be a terrible burden on ratepayers.

While the Legislature has taken important steps by banning PFAS in firefighting foam, some food packaging, textiles, and other products, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg and we can’t continue to just chip away at the problem. 

Maine and Minnesota have passed PFAS bans, and others are considering the same.  Where SB 903 stands apart is that in addition to banning unnecessary uses of PFAS, it provides a scientifically developed framework by which regulators can exempt products that are essential to the health, safety and functioning of society.  If a manufacturer can show that the PFAS in their product or product component is essential for the product to perform properly, that there are no safer alternatives at this time, and that the product provides a necessary benefit to society, the Department of Toxic Substances Control can give that product a time limited exemption.

SB 903 is an all around win. It will protect our people and environment from contamination, safeguard our economy from exorbitant remediation costs, provide transparent guidance for regulators, and give industry a clear path by which to comply with the state’s regulations and innovate.  Send a message to your lawmaker today!

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