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ReThink Disposable Director

Born in Texas and raised in Los Angeles, our newest Business Auditor Grace Lee brings 15 years of sustainability and public engagement experience to Clean Water Action.  Before moving to Oakland she was the Director of Outreach Programs at The Bay Foundation in LA, where she ran the Clean Vessel Boater Outreach Program, Table to Farm Composting for Clean Air, and pilot ReThink Disposable effort in Los Angeles.  

Grace really loves going to school.  Before her current pursuit of Landscape Architecture and Permaculture at Merritt College, she got her B.A. in Applied Ecology from UC Irvine, her M.A. in Environmental Studies from USC, and her Sustainability Certificate from UCLA.  When she's not auditing or studying, Grace is either gardening, spinning, or exploring the Bay Area with her partner Trent and daughter Cora.