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Welcome to Clean Water on the Move, your monthly update from Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund. Take a look at what our amazing staff has been up to and what is coming in the month ahead. Thanks for your ongoing support for our work towards a healthy environment for all. 

Clean Water Action's EJ & Warehouse Organizer Tolani Taylor

The Warehouse Fight Continues 

On Saturday, June 24, Zero Emissions & Warehouse Organizer, Tolani Taylor organized a Warehouse Convening in Princeton, NJ. This event brought together people from all experiences and professions to talk about the various strategies used to not only stop warehouse sprawl in NJ, but also create a better freight/goods movement system for the entire state. Learn more here.

All of the attendees engaged in a series of breakout sessions that focused on applying real life solutions to addressing the influx of warehouse development. You can read more about it in detail here in our Warehouse Convening Presentation. Clean Water Action partnered with Eastern Environmental Law Center in creating a resource sheet to guide those whose warehouse fights may escalate into lawsuits.  

Although the Warehouse Convening has concluded, it is now more important than ever to continue building on this momentum to effectively address this growing problem. One of the ways Clean Water Action has been doing that is to encourage community members to run for local and elected office, as well as raise warehouse concerns with this year’s candidates. If you are interested in participating in local election training with Clean Water Action, please fill out this form or contact Tolani Taylor.

Tolani was also recently featured in a news article, "As warehouses proliferate across NJ, concerns rise over health impact for nearby residents" - read more here.  

Clean Water Action's Zero Waste Organizer Marta Young at Bayshore Recycling

Bayshore Recycling is Pleased to have a Bag Ban – Saves Labor and Waste

On June 27, Marta Young, our Zero Waste Specialist, was given a tour of Bayshore Recycling, located in Keasbey, NJ. It was highlighted that the NJ Bag Ban (effective date May 2022) has saved the company money, time and potential worker injuries.

Clean Water Action was a leader in getting the Bag Ban passed into law. On an annual basis, 8.4 billion single use bags are being avoided!

Mike Oppett, Bayshore’s Operations Manager, said that the “New Jersey Bag Ban significantly reduces labor and waste”. Plastic bags continually wrap around the machinery. It is dangerous for the workers to untangle the bags, wastes time doing so, and generates unnecessary waste of material that could have been recycled but now is unrecoverable.

To learn more about reducing plastic waste, contact Marta Young here.

Image of an offshore wind turbine in the ocean

NJ Budget: Blowing in the Wind

In the final hours of approving the NJ Budget, an Offshore Wind energy tax incentive was adopted by 1 vote. Clean Water Action played a significant role and got a lot of press.

Without this incentive, our NJ based wind power projects, turbine manufacturing and jobs might have gone elsewhere. If NJ is to significantly reduce its carbon emissions with Class 1 renewable energy, then we need all the wind power we can get. Otherwise, we are likely to further accelerate temperature spikes and sea level rise along our treasured Jersey Shore.    

Zero Emissions/Warehouse Organizer Tolani Taylor and Environmental Justice Organizer X Braithwaite weighed in on an important community-led conversation about the new offshore wind legislation on July 11. The goal was to gauge key stakeholders' insights on community development projects that can be achieved by advancing offshore wind. Active participation plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our communities and ensuring that the offshore wind industry caters to the requirements and aspirations of frontline communities. 

Image of a boy drinking a glass of water with text that says PFAS Turn off the Tap

PFAS Does not have to be Forever

Avonna Starck, Clean Water Action’s Minnesota State Director and expert on PFAS, testified at a New Jersey legislative hearing regarding S-3177 / A-4758 (sponsored by Greenstein).

PFAS and its family of “forever chemicals” are found in many household products including raingear, dental floss and cookware just to name a few. We will be actively engaged in supporting this legislation and plan to mobilize our members.

Clean Water Action wants to join other Clean Water states (MN, CT, CA, RI and more). Check out our website to learn more about securing passage of laws that ban PFAS in consumer products, fire retardant foams and more. We may not be able to remove the legacy chemicals that have already permeated our drinking water, environment, and bodies; but we can stop producing these dangerous chemicals forever more. Join us in this fight! Listen to our latest podcast on PFAS featuring Avonna here

Image of people toasting wine glasses

Autumn Toast to a Healthy Environment

Join us or Clean Water Action's annual fundraising and charity auction event! Become a sponsor, attend, or donate a gift auction item for Autumn Toast to a Healthy Environment on Oct 14th! Great time, great music, wonderful company, food and drinks. RSVP today.