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What I love most about my work is seeing the impact and change that we make in the lives of the people and environmental justice communities we serve. My goal is to ensure that communities, particularly those of color, have access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.

Ngodoo Atume

February marks Black History Month in America, a time to reflect on important advancements and milestones in history and honor those who sacrificed and impacted the Black movement for justice and equality. And while we must look back to see the tremendous progress we have made; it is also important to uplift and celebrate Black leaders of today – Clean Water leaders.

Today’s Black History Water Champion is Ngodoo Atume, a Water Policy Analyst at Clean Water Action in Oakland California. Her expertise and research have been featured in several news publications, including Cal Matters and Civil Eats.

"Ngodoo is a brilliant scientist who has rapidly become a leading expert in groundwater management." said Jennifer Clary, California Director. "More than that, she is a tireless advocate for our most impacted communities and uses her considerable skills to inform that advocacy.".

Ngodoo has gained the respect of her peers and the community as a valued leader always putting the interest of those she serves at the forefront of her agenda.

Congratulations Ngodoo Atume! You are a Clean Water Champion.


Black History Month Water Champion: Ngodoo Atume is a Water Policy Analyst at Clean Water Action, Oakland. She is originally from Nigeria and has a technical background in Environmental Engineering. As a Policy Analyst, her work is focused on groundwater management and nitrate contamination control. She primarily works on the inclusion of underrepresented and vulnerable stakeholders in the implementation of state water and groundwater regulation and planning.
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