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Groundwater Awareness Week in California

From March 5th to the 11th, we’re celebrating National Groundwater Awareness Week by calling attention to the importance of this vital source of drinking water. The issues surrounding groundwater are particularly important to California as we continue to battle a persistent drought. Hundreds of


Black History Month Champion: Lord Takim Allah

“I believe that people are the stewards of the planet. Doing this work right here allows me to be helpful in a more grand way. I know that my work is helpful and impactful – many people have told me that they have changed and are influenced to do things differently because they see my work at Clean Water Action. I don't do it for them but it's good that it spreads. We here at Clean Water Action are sharing some great information with folks and giving a whole lot of people opportunity to do good things and create change. Also, I love hearing about the victories, and getting to share them with other people. And to know that before this work was being done lakes and rivers were on fire, literally, makes it even more worthwhile."

Black History Month Champion: Ngodoo Atume

"What I love most about my work is seeing the impact and change that we make in the lives of the people and environmental justice communities we serve. My goal to ensure that communities, particularly those of color, have access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water."