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Protect California Schoolchildren from Lead in Drinking Water: Act Now!

There is no safe level of lead in drinking water. Lead is a powerful neurotoxin, meaning it can affect childhood brains and impair learning and behavior. That’s why it’s important to ensure that all water available at California schools is safe for them to drink. Send a message to Governor Newsom today and tell him AB 249 is an essential investment to protect California’s children! Governor Newsom has signaled that he may veto AB 249 would require water systems serving specified schools to test for lead and that results be made available to parents.

Study Shows Vulnerable CA Communities Left Behind in Groundwater Sustainability Planning

For the past three years, Clean Water Action has played a leading role in assessing how groundwater sustainability plans submitted to the state of California are considering and protecting vulnerable communities dependent on groundwater as their source of drinking water. Key findings show that 63% of domestic users across the state are not protected by current sustainability plans.

Expand the California Water Shutoff Protection Act

Despite risks to public health, water shutoffs due to nonpayment disproportionately impact communities of color. Often these communities are also served by smaller systems that were not included in 2018’s Water Shutoff Protection Act. Act now to support SB3: expanding state law to smaller systems to protect our most vulnerable communities.

Take Action on California Water Diversions!

Under current law more than 1/3 of the water diverted in California is not subject to reporting or review. With climate change an increasingly dangerous reality, it is in the public interest to ensure that the state can properly monitor and regulate water use. Act now for SB 389!