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M83 is an outdated solution to our traffic and development problems, yet it is still a part of Montgomery County's Master Plan of Highways and Transitways. Two other parallel highways exist - instead of investing in yet another highway Montgomery County should invest in transit and other transportation alternatives. Bus rapid transit, expanding Ride-On services, and investing in problematic intersections should be pursued before plowing through hundreds of acres of forest and preserve.

Another highway cutting through parkland, forests, and important streams is not a solution and is contrary to the county's climate and sustainability goals.

Remove M83 from the plans now and finally put this issue to bed.

What is M-83?

M-83 is the Mid-County Highway Extended, a six-mile planned-but-unbuilt six-lane highway. It would cost $1.3 Billion and cut through parkland and drinking water sources.

M-83 fails to address Montgomery County's transportation needs:

  • A set of transit and transportation alternatives exist to improve mobility to Upcounty
  • Bus Rapid Transit on 355 North is best alternative
  • Planned improvements to the Ride-On Bus Service
  • Planned MARC train access improvements
  • Underway Highway Improvements include: widening 355 north of Germantown
  • Finishing Watkins Mill interchange to I-270 Improvements to local intersections
  • Inequitable transportation decision-making increases low-income communities’ cost burdens; risk of pedestrian injury; and worsening health damage.
  • Basic health needs of people from all walks of life require nearby nature, intact forests, clean air and water.


M-83 threatens communities and natural resources:

  • 25 residential neighborhoods in Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg & Germantown adjacent.
  • Blohm Park; Great Seneca Creek Trail; and North Germantown Stream Valley Park at risk.
  • 100-acres of high-quality public forest, 14 wetlands, 6 streams and natural flood-plains
  • 60+ acres of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve
  • 206-acre Silent Retreat Center in Germantown


We Need Your Help!

As long as M-83 remains in the County's Master Plan of Highways and Transitways it can be built at any time. Take Action Now!