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Clean Water Candidates for Frederick City Board of Aldermen!

Frederick City's local primary elections are on Tuesday, September 14! After requesting questionnaires and interviews with all of the candidates, we are proud to endorse four candidates for the Board of Aldermen:

  • Donna Kuzemchak has served on the Board of Aldermen 1998-2009, and again over the past term. She has advocated for zero waste policies, including a compost pilot program in this year's budget, and proactive, safer planning surrounding the Superfund site at Ft Detrick.

  • Ben MacShane has served one term on the Board of Aldermen. In that time, he sponsored the resolution creating the joint City/County Climate Emergency Mobilization Work Group, served on the Frederick City Sustainability Committee, and used his voice to advocate for Zero Waste policies state-wide.

  • Katie Nash is running for Board of Aldermen for the first time this year. She's a strong proponent of Zero Waste policies and moving Frederick City in a more sustainable direction, with a background in legislation and policy that will help move these priorities forward.

  • Robert Van Rens is running for the Board of Aldermen for the first time this year. He is a supporter of our top environmental priorities and brings environmental and government experience to the table.

If you live in Frederick City, don't miss your opportunity to cast your vote! You can vote as soon as today, or as late as Tuesday - here are the City's guidelines on how to vote by mail or dropbox, through early voting, or on Election Day.


This message has been authorized and paid for by Clean Water Action, Robert Wendelgass, President, for distribution to its members. This message has not been authorized by any candidate.