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Help Us Reach Our $25,000 Goal

The urgency and positive energy created around the original Earth Day (April 22, 1970) helped launch a movement and build momentum that led to the creation of Clean Water Action and the passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act and 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act. Today, this environmental movement is re-energized, increasingly focused on justice (environmental justice and climate justice), and growing rapidly. Many businesses now observe the occasion, but it can sometimes be hard to tell if their calls to action are the real deal.

We hope you will donate today. Here are other ways you can contribute this Earth Month. We have compiled this short list of nine ways you can capture the spirit of Earth Month and keep that positive energy going through year-end and beyond:

1. Order Your Graphic Tees - Get Your Clean Water On (wear your support) 

Visit our online store for the latest Clean Water Action apparel – appropriately featuring our “water planet” design and Protect Clean Water theme for Earth Month. Order yours today at 

2. Share Your Opinion, and Make it Count

Clean Water Fund’s partnership with SurveyMonkey allows Clean Water supporters to participate in short surveys, generating donations for each completed survey. We’ve received more than $985,000 through this program. Sign up to help us hit the $1 million mark.

3. Sustainable Haircare

Vote for Clean Water Fund. Eco-friendly haircare company is hosting an online EarthMonth poll, where you can vote for Clean Water Fund to receive a $20,000 donation. Visit, click on the EarthMonth tab, and scroll down to vote for Clean Water Fund. It’s that easy. 

4. Go Solar Today

Federal and state tax incentives make it easier than ever for you to go solar. Whether you lease or purchase, or sign-up to be part of a community solar solution (ideal for renters or homes without good sun exposure), our partners at EnergySage have a consumer friendly platform that lets you get quotes from vetted local installers. They’ll even help you evaluate competing proposals. Use this link to explore your options, and Clean Water Action receives a donation when you decide to go solar. Learn more HERE!

5. Climate-friendly Banking 

Check out this new checking and savings option from Atmos Bank, a convenient online solution that makes sure funds you deposit are not used for polluting fossil fuel development – only solar solutions. Earn attractive interest rates, which double if you support one of Atmos’ vetted nonprofit partners, including Clean Water Fund. Learn more HERE!

6. Be a Clean Water Change-Maker 

Put your spare change to work with this convenient platform that rounds up change from your online and in-person purchases to Clean Water Action each month. Simply sign up and securely link your preferred credit or debit card, the rest happens automatically and it’s free for Clean Water Action members. Learn more HERE!

7. Earth Month with Aveda (in New England & California)

Once again, local Aveda salons in New England and California are going all-in for clean water. Participating Aveda salons and their clients have all kinds of fun events planned to raise awareness and generate donations for Clean Water Fund. Learn more and find your local salon at

8. Got Crypto? 

Easy tax-deductible donations online. If you’ve seen big gains in your cryptocurrency holdings, now is the perfect time to turn those gains into donations for Clean Water. This website makes it easy. Search for Clean Water Fund. Arrange your donation. All the documentation you need for tax deductibility is handled for you, simply and easily, with no fees; 100% of net proceeds go to Clean Water Fund. Learn more: [make sure to search/select Clean Water Fund to receive your gift]

9. Meili Vodka and Clean Water Fund Partners to Protect our Water in PA

In the spirit of Earth Month, Meili Vodka, co-founded by actor Jason Momoa and entrepreneur Blaine Halvorson, partners with Clean Water Fund to Protect Clean Water in Pennsylvania. During the month of April, Meili Vodka will donate $1 to Clean Water Fund for every bottle of Meili Vodka purchased in Pennsylvania. Not a Pennsylvania resident? No worries you can donate to the campaign to protect our water nationwide.

Thank you for your support! Happy Earth Month!