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Clean Water interns share their thoughts on topics they focused on during their time working with us, their internship experiences, and more!

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A Summer Summary: My Minnesota Clean Water Internship

After interning at Clean Water Action, I have been able to learn so much and improve my understanding of how our organization works and fits in as a larger piece of the nonprofit world. By educating yourself about the surrounding community, inspiring care in not only you but those around you, can go the distance to make sure we are able to elevate everyone.

How I Take Action When The World is On Fire

National widespread issues can be difficult to tackle with limited resources, but when enough of us take smaller steps, we can achieve large goals together and work our way up to win the big changes that we need.

How To Be A Spokesperson: Speaking on Sustainability

Effective communication is an essential part to advancing our mission of protecting the precious resource of water for future generations. Those skills are on display in Minnesota reaching out to restaurants about switching to reusable foodware with our ReThink Disposable program!

From Classroom to Action: Meet MN Program Intern Alex Perez!

Through my studies, I was able to not only understand the plight of native people but also learn how larger actions at the state and federal level effect individuals and communities. With this experience in my back pocket, I am excited to be able to apply this to my work in our community here in the Twin Cities and create lasting change for our neighbors.