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National Water Campaigns Coordinator

Sean works in Clean Water’s DC office where he leads a multitude of advocacy efforts. Sean, along with the rest of the DC team, coordinates field offices with national legislative and regulatory campaign efforts

Sean graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2017 with a Master’s in Public Policy and a specialization in Environmental policy. He has worked for several environmental organizations on the national stage, and comes to Clean Water Action with an expertise in coalition management, communications, and national water infrastructure investment strategies. He has also studied sustainable agricultural water systems and sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia.

Related Priorities


Equitable and Effective Water Infrastructure Spending: Increasing Transparency and Accessibility in State Revolving Fund Programs

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has created an opportunity to strengthen State Revolving Fund programs for the long term. Increased funding and technical assistance, along with requirements for funding projects in disadvantaged communities, should lead to a more equitable allotment of funding and to significant improvement of water infrastructure nationwide. Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund examined information provided by the 50 States’ SRF programs to develop a snapshot of accessibility and transparency and to identify areas of potential procedural improvement to dramatically broaden and diversify the number of communities and projects applying for funding.

Letter to Congress: Support The Environmental Justice For All Act

The Environmental Justice for All Act (H.R. 2021), introduced by Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Representative Donald McEachin, (D-VA) is a long overdue package of reforms that will help address the history of environmental injustice that has led to undue burdens of pollution on people of color and low-income communities. Clean Water Action has submitted the following letter to the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee in support of this legislation.