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State Director

Jennifer has served as a water policy and legislative analyst for Clean Water Action since 2003. She directs the Central Valley Program and serves on key state stakeholder committees, advising state agencies on actions to improve groundwater quality and allocate state funding for water infrastructure. Prior to joining Clean Water Action, Jennifer worked in the private sector, including a stint as a San Francisco tour guide, and advocated on environmental issues in San Francisco. She holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley.


Related Priorities


Collaborating for Success: Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Implementation

In August 2014, the California Legislature passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. For the first time, CA groundwater will have to be managed to protect the long-term reliability of the resource. Achieving the objective of sustainability will ultimately depend on the commitment and participation of a large number of actors throughout its implementation.