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Clean Water 50 Stories: Winnie Zwick

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we are lifting up voices and stories in the Clean Water movement through #CleanWater50Stories. Meet Winnie Zwick. Winnie is the daughter of the late David Zwick, founder and longtime president of Clean Water Action.

It’s our 50th Anniversary Year! So, how’d we do?

Both Clean Water Action and the Clean Water Act turned 50 this year. We wanted to share some highlights (and three new videos!) of all that we’ve achieved and accomplished in 2022 with help from members and supporters like you.

Clean Water 50 Stories: Kate Koeze

Our story is the story of everyday people who have used their power to make a difference to create a healthier and greener future for all. Meet Clean Water Action alumni, member, volunteer, donor, and Chairperson of our Board of Directors, Kate Koeze!

Celebrating 50 Years of Clean Water

50 years ago, our founder David Zwick helped write and pass the Clean Water Act which recognizes that access to clean, safe water is a critical human right. That same year, Clean Water Action was founded. Join us in celebrating 50 years of #PeopleActionJustice!

What's Your Clean Water Story?

Clean Water Action’s story is YOUR story, joined with those of all the others who together form our clean water movement: staff, alumni, members, donors, allies, volunteers, activists, public officials and more. Help us build a shareable record of our collective story -- how we got where we are today, what’s ahead, and why protecting clean water matters.