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In honor of Clean Water Action's 50th birthday, we are lifting up voices and stories in the Clean Water movement through #CleanWater50Stories. Our story is the story of everyday people who have used their power to make a difference to create a healthier and greener future for all. 

People. Action. Justice. 

Clean Water Action’s story is YOUR story, joined with those of all the others who together form our clean water movement: staff, alumni, members, donors, allies, volunteers, activists, public officials and more. Use this form to help us build a shareable record of our collective story -- how we got where we are today, what’s ahead, and why it all matters. Your responses will serve as building blocks for telling, sharing and continuing our story, via videos, blog, podcast, social media and more.

Lift up your voice, tell your story. Here's how:

1. Pick one or more questions to answer in the form below. Check out these examples in interview format herehere and here. Please upload any photos you have that can help better tell your story. Note: we reserve the right to edit submissions as needed.

2. Tell your story by filling out the form in writing OR uploading a video interview. Check out tips/instructions here! You just might be featured in our 50th anniversary video or on social media!

3. If you need help creating your video, please select the Zoom Interview option in the form below or email Thank you for taking the time! 

What's Your Clean Water Story?

Submit Your Story


How are you connected with Clean Water Action/Fund?*
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Below are some question prompts. Please answer at least one (or all!) 

Tell us a little more about yourself, where are you from and how are you involved with Clean Water Action?
Attended a rally, helped on a winning campaign, made a difference canvassing, or started your career? Do tell us more!
Why is protecting clean water so important and what can people do to get involved?
What's your favorite projects or issues we are working on now or looking forward to in the years ahead?

Upload Files

Please upload here. 300 dpi resolution preferred. But, if you have old photos, we recommend scanning, taking a photo of it on your phone, or using a photo scanning app called Photomyne.
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Please upload here. Videos should be 30 seconds or less.
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Clean Water Action can do a Zoom interview and record it, please check here if you’d like us to set this up.

Please provide their name, email and phone number here and let them know we'll be reaching out!