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Prince George's County: pass a more equitable Better Bag Bill!

In June, Prince George’s County Council passed a “Better Bag Bill:” legislation to ban plastic bags and place a 10 cent charge on paper bags. Bills like these are an important step forward for the environment and great Zero Waste policy - but must be made in coalition with food access and equity organizations to ensure that any potential concerns are addressed.

Plastic Bags’ Days are Numbered in Pennsylvania

July 1, 2021 was a milestone date in Pennsylvania - one that put pollution from plastic bags on notice.

It marked the expiration of a statewide preemption that delayed implementation of any current policies to limit or ban single-use plastic bags. The legislature first tried to limit local plastic


Baltimore banned plastic bags!

Yesterday morning, we gathered with Baltimore City residents, advocates, Council members, state delegates, and Mayor Young for the final signing of legislation we've been working for over the past six months: the Comprehensive Bag Reduction Act! This city legislation bans plastic checkout bags in