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Eastern Pennsylvania Director

Maurice M. Sampson II has been a grass roots environmental activist dating back to the 70s. He fought to pass of local ordinances requiring  Environmental Impact Statements for all housing developments ( Cherry Hill NJ , 1971) saving 200 acres from suburban development, to oppose highway bond issues (1973),Tocks Island Dam on the upper Delaware (1972-73),  floating nuclear power plants (1975), and to support creation of the New Jersey Pinelands preservation 1974-77. He founded the Youth Environmental Society (New Brunswick, NJ), a statewide youth environmental organization that network high school and college environmental organizations through a series of annual work shops and weekend leadership retreats. He is also a sustainable waste management expert with thirty years of experience as a environmental and recycling advocate, bureaucrat and entrepreneur as well as a volunteer Chair for the RecycleNOW Philadelphia Campaign.

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