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Minnesota PFAS Prevention Community Town Hall: St Cloud

January 20, 2024 | St Cloud, MN
Learn about what PFAS is and the health impacts linked to exposure, the threat it poses in biosolids/sludge when applied to agricultural land, and what the future for PFAS in agriculture looks like.

62 Organizations Sign On to Protect MoCo's Ag Reserve

62 Maryland environmental, land preservation, food security, and agricultural groups - alongside 137 individuals - have signed on to this letter demanding that the Montgomery County Council amend ZTA 20-01 to make solar power a Conditional Use in the Agricultural Reserve. Here's why.

Remémbrense — In Memory of Helen Fabela Chavez, 1928 to 2016

On June 6, 2016 we said goodbye to Helen Fabela Chavez, a first generation Mexican American, wife, mother, activist, union bookkeeper and visionary, born in Brawley, California.

Not much is known or documented about women activists in the United Farm Workers of America (UFWA). History rarely cites


Cleaning Up Corporate Ag, Cleaning Up Our Water

There’s nothing better on a spring or summer day in Minnesota than enjoying a relaxing day in the sun, swimming or fishing on your favorite lake or river. Unfortunately, in many parts of the state this isn’t possible or safe because the water isn’t clean enough. Excess chemicals, fertilizers, and


Help Us Solve California’s Nitrate Problem

Agriculture was a $54 billion industry in California in 2014, and the numbers have continued to grow each year despite the drought. But that profit comes at a cost and one of those costs is water quality in our farming communities.

Plants need nitrogen to grow, and the advent of chemical fertilizer