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One Simple Way to Fight Climate Change: #CutMethane

Methane is the second largest pollutant contributing to climate change and has also been proven to be a massive human health concern - contributing to asthma, cancer and other public health issues. We can - and must - curb the methane threat with stronger regulatory action.

Reclaim Renewable Energy in Maryland

Maryland's RPS Program - created in 2004 to subsidize new renewable energy development - is failing. The program is full of loopholes which allow numerous polluting energy sources to define themselves as clean. Tell the General Assembly to support the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act!

Tell REI to Stop Selling Products Containing Toxic PFAS Chemicals!

Clean Water Action is part of a coalition effort with Toxic-Free Future to tell the outdoor apparel retailer REI to stop selling products containing toxic PFAS in their stores. Thousands of REI shoppers and co-op members have already submitted comments and letters, but we need to keep the pressure on!