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Clean Water Action protects water and health, from watershed to water tap. Clean Water Action's programs reach tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders every year, building a clean water and clean energy future through outreach, education, organizing, advocacy and policy action at the state and national levels.


Rhode Island Bottle Bill

Plastic bottles and other beverage containers are littering our neighborhoods, clogging storm drains, polluting our waterways, and piling up in the landfill. There is a solution: a recycling refund law, or “bottle bill”.


ReThink Disposable in Rhode Island

Clean Water’s award-winning ReThink Disposable program is expanding to Rhode Island! ReThink Disposable works with local jurisdictions, businesses, and consumers of take-out food packaging (almost everyone these days) to inspire a cultural shift away from the single-use disposable items.

Zero Waste in RI

Single-use plastics are polluting our environment, littering our waterways, and piling up nationwide. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) estimates that the landfill in Rhode Island will reach capacity by 2040. To extend its lifespan and protect our environment, we have to reduce the volume of waste that we create.

Green Infrastructure in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s coastal communities are vulnerable to rising seas. We're partnering with cities and towns throughout Rhode Island to make sure they are prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change, Green Energy & Jobs in RI

We're working to tackle the climate crisis in RI by improving energy efficiency, creating resilient communities, prioritizing climate justice, and creating good jobs to establish a just transition to a green economy.

State Offices:

134 Thurbers Avenue, Suite 118
Providence, RI 02905
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